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Terminology Question: W/C 0422


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I found this forum a short while ago and have decided to educate myself on Gibson guitars, particularly acoustic models for now.


The story is I owned a J-200 Jr which I bought new from the factory in 1993. I owned the guitar for 15+ years and heartbreakingly, had to sell it a few yew years ago during the downturn in the economy. Huge, HUGE regret!


At any rate, I am one a mission to recover that J-200 Jr which is no longer made and I'm having to learn a lot of the lingo in order to do so. For example: I saw an ad for a used J-200 Jr in a Guitar Center posting online. That one was sold, but the posting included the term W/C 0422 and as it turns out, I DO remember my guitar having those numbers on it somewhere. I think they were on a sticker inside the body, but clearly visible. I'm not sure what that term refers to and I'm hoping someone here can give me a little guidance.


That way I'll be able to begin calling around and one day finding another J-200 Jr.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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