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EPi SG "Worn" neck vs. "Slim-Taper" ?

Guest Silence Dogood

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Guest Silence Dogood

Hi guys. I'm in the process of modifying a new Epi SG Worn Cherry into a "61 SG w/ p90's meets '68 SG Melody Maker". Part of the process is reshaping the headstock into the classic Melody Maker shape (I got a thang for the MM's - long story...).


But I'm a bit confuzlled about the neck shape. The neck on this "worn" SG seems a tad thicker/chunky-er than the old late 60's SG's that THINK I remember (Been a LONG time since I played one of that vintage). Then I read about the regular Epi SG's that boast about having a Slim-Taper neck. If you have experience with both style necks, can you help me understand the difference in shape?


Thanks in advance!! -SD

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