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New Epiphone Masterbilt


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Hi all,


Just joined today and wanted to post about my new Epiphone AJ500M Vintage Sunburst which i bought yesterday!


My local guitar shop (in Dublin) was having a 50% sale on many items so I picked up the guitar itself for an amazing €200 (roughly $270ish and down from €400) and decided to buy a plush epi hard case for another €80. Quite simply, the guitar is beautiful. Wonderful tone, projection and boom and the VS finish (which isn't made anymore and is quite rare as far as I can tell?) is stunning...


Guitar was brand new out of the box, took one string-up and played like a dream straight away! The binding, inlays, fretboard are flawless...I've gathered from the serial number that it was made in August 2008 so considering it has been boxed for nearly 3 years I am amazed!


Having learned on my Dad's 25 year old Ovation and Taylor 210 i'm delighted to finally have an acoustic to call my own, as well as one that can pretty much hold its own against the Taylor at a 5th of the price (my Dad's words not mine!)


I get the feeling that with a bit of care and consideration, the guitar will grow and blossom even further over many many years!


Slightly off topic, but I also have a Michael Kelly Patriot Custom which i picked up in New York a few years ago for $325...also an amazing guitar that isn't that widely known! Would love to hear from other MK owners, there are very few this side of the water!!


Well if anyone has any comments, tips or advice as to how to best set up/maintain/better the Epi or even general guitar discussion i'd be delighted to hear! If not thanks for reading!




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Hey James!!


If you look at little further down you'll see my thread. I bought the same guitar from the same place. I'm really really happy with mine. Glad to see someone else jumped on the great deal.



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Congrats !


Just main care tips: keep the guitar in its case when not playing, and for longer time periods with the strings slackened.

Just wipe the guitar each time you have played the guitar with a 100% cotton cloth and sometimes use a bit of pump polish and/or other care materials:




Kind regards,



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