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Top 5 most admired guitarists - let's see your choices


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IN ORDER... (yes, I actually did think about this deeply...)


Stevie Ray Vaughan - of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Jimmy Page - of Led Zeppelin

John Frusciante - of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jimi Hendrix - of The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Morgan Coates - my high school English teacher, who inspired me to start playing electric guitar! He can also shred with his teeth ridiculously...

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in youth, i loved guitarists and only guitarists. in no particular order they were:

page - stairway, greatest solo ever, the song itself is said to be worth over 1 billion dollars

gilmour- tastiest,most melodic solos ever

lifeson- la villa - pure genius

van halen - jump started/reinvented prodigy rock again during stagnant 70's

a. young- how can you play anything whilst doing that dance?


my idols swayed to songwriters in the 80's,90's and now i love great lyrics, melodies and everyone one who has ever left a beautiful stain on the pop culture's living room rug.

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Steve Howe

Warren Haynes

David Gilmour

Allan Holdsworth

Howard Leese

Gary Moore


Ooooops! That was six...


And just for the hell of it... Mark Hitt. I know, who's Mark Hitt, right? The guy used to play for a band called Rat Race Choir back in the day. An absolutely unbelievable player.


The list could go on forever...

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Pretty cocky for a newbie I'd say. ;-)


Ha' date=' I debated whther I should say that or not. Think I like jazz and fusion a little bit? In all seriousness, there are so many great guitarists out there it's hard to to take them all into equal consideration when making a list of 5. I've def seen some names I like on other peoples lists. Like Larry Carlton "Mr. 335", I really like him (actually just ordered another one of his CDs).


So many great guitarists out there. If you've never heard shawn lane you should def check him out. He is my alltime favorite guitarist. Here is a video clip of him Shawn Lane. He endorsed Vigier, i know i've seen some pics of him with gibsons though, from back in the day

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Les Claypool of Primus ( guy positively rips a bass!)

Dimebag Darrell ( RIP)

Stevie Vai

Joe Satriani

Kirk Hammett


Funny story about Claypool : He auditioned for Metallica after Cliff's untimely death. They told him "Uh , dude , you're a little TOO good." Claypool stated ;"I went home and openly wept."

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I assume the question goes to 6 strings


in which case


Ry Cooder

Stephen Stills


Jorma Kaukonen

"Skunk" Baxter


4 Strings



Jack Casady

John Entwistle

Jack Bruce

Jaco Pastorius


Have to think about 12s!


Sea sick Steve best on three strings!

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Good stuff on the list! For me it would have to be;


Jimmy Page of Led Zep. Not just on the radio, when I heard the ENTIRE catalog I was hooked.

Angus Young of AC/DC - with honorable mention to his brother Malcomb. Especially the early stuff with Bon.

Mick Ralphs of Bad Company, still one of my Desert Island bands after all these years. Way under rated.

Audley Freed of Cry Of Love, he was with the Black Crowes for years but really shined on his own.

Billy Gibbons because he sounded like NOBODY else. He knew how to copy all the old Blues Cats with style....


Looking at this, I noted one thing.

Angus ALWAYS played an SG, while the others had good results from both Les Pauls and Strats/Teles.

A little variety, and tons of tone. The world doesn't start and stop with humbuckers.


There are so many others that will make me stop everything and just listen.

SRV of course, along with twenty other Blues players that never rise above the bar scene. Those guys leave converts to the Faith at every bar they play in. I love it when I see somebody at a club who has never seen a good Blues player before, they are just blown away with the chops, the feel, the emotion, and they finally "get" the Blues...


Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley of Kiss are why I picked up a guitar to start with, I still think Stanley is way under rated.

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