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Welp, I traded in a couple of guitars for credit at GC, and put the money towards this little guy. So far, I think this is a pretty sweet little amp. It's my first non-combo tube. It's got quite a bit of tonal variations, hence the name "Tweaker". Kind of bought it on a whim, though I'd heard good things about Egnater in the past, and liked what I'd tried at the store. Happy to have gotten rid of a couple guits that were just collecting dust too! Not worth enought to make selling on ebay worth it, but with GC's additional 10% savings on trade-ins/purchases, plus their value, it worked out well in this case.

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i love my Egnater, I have the Rebel 20

I was looking at the Rebel 20 as well. GC only had the floor model in stock, and someone had ripped off 3 of the control knobs. The ability to mix the power tubes seems really cool, but with the price difference, and having to wait on a new one, I just went with the Tweaker. I was able to spend some more time playing with it yesterday, and I'm still very pleased with it.


To my ears, it has the ability to sound great with both my LP and Strat, which is nice. The only thing it's missing is reverb, as far as I'm concerned, or a footswitch. In my opinion, the "Hot" or gain channel is killer, but I like to switch up between really clean tones and gritty, so without a footswitch for the amp, I'll have to rely on pedals and likely only utilize the clean channels on the amp.


I'm considering looking into an A/B switch, to use both my HRD and Egnater together, one for clean (HRD), and the other for crunch. I've never used an A/B switch before, so I'm not exactly sure how they work, though I've got an idea.

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