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NGD Sheraton, naturally.


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How about some descriptors on your other instruments? Very interesting collection.


From the left: 1994 Gibson L4, 1996 Epi Emperor Regent (w/Bartolini floating p/u), 1946 Epi Triumph, 1999 Epi Sheraton, 1996 Epi Joe Pass. Not shown, 1954 Gibson Es175 (sunburst).


The Joe Pass is the one I pretty much always turn to, but I've just got the Sheraton for those occasions that are a bit loud for the JP.



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Welcome aboard Jonathon... & HN99NaturalSheriD... I approve... naturally [thumbup]


How about doing a review on her for our 'Guitars & Gear' thread in the Lounge?


Here's my 'Honey'...



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