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That One Song That Makes You Want To Get Up And Dance


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The quote I've been using for nearly 40 years comes from one of the "Peanuts" TV specials. When pressured by one of the girls, Schroeder says "Musicians don't dance".


That statement worked well until I joined a Motown Review band and was expected to do dance steps while playing guitar. I failed the dance step test, BUT... I did learn that "one" is ALWAYS on the left foot.

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I Don't "Dance!" But, there was a song, that made me jump out of

my seat, in a movie theater, while watching "Almost Famous," and

triggered my "catching the bug, to play, again!" That song was

"One Way Out," The Allman Brother's version! ;>)



(Sorry, only audio)



Nice Live version, with video



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I think Larry pretty well nailed it.


When I was in sixth grade more than half a century ago, I swore I'd never go to a dance unless I was playing in the band. I doubt I've danced more than once a year on average since then. There's no way to count how many times I've played in bands while other folks danced.


OTOH, a few bagpipe pieces and le Boudin tend to make me want to march. Hmmmmm.



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