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NGD !! It finally came... Edit (Photos added)


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CONGRATS I will be waiting to see the latest addition and hopefully

hear the new member cry for us. Have you named Her/him yet?



Hadn't really thought about it... I'll probably just call it the Crimson Strat, I guess that's sort of a name... [smile]

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Come on Dave I'm always in the mood to look at strats. I think my 3 get tired of being stared at. msp_blink.gif


I only see two Strats in the photo....hmmm....must be a real '68 Strat hiding in a locked cabinet....

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This is the one missing from the pic. A 98 standard sunburst.




Beautiful...actually stunning.............Any new Fenders for me will be American made.....I just got burned on a MIM Tele....


And, MIM Strats are now advertised as being " select alder "....I understand this means PLYWOOD........[crying] :unsure: [scared] ......


Oh, and since it's not my thread, congratulations DaveinSpain; I'll bet you find Fender necks amazingly comfy.........

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Very nice Dave. Very cool look, love that model.


Congrats. B)


Did you get the GAS after seeing it posted a while back? (I forget who it was that bought one - Duane?)


I tracked one down, but didn't pull the trigger.



DAS44 has one, I think he even got it from the same guitar Center in Boston....

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