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Fishermans lullaby


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Moe, are you going to do a CD of these songs? Or have you already done one? If you haven't I think you should. This one was excellent too. [thumbup]


Part of the reason I bought the j 45 was that I wanted a good guitar to record with.I had a band that was mildly successful in the Boston area about 10 years ago and I have continued writing gravitating towards a more folky/country sound. So now I am just trying figure out if I want to go in and record this thin totally acoustic...maybe some different sounding guitars on certain songs...different micing techniques.....or get my old crew back together for some accompaniment. I keep leaning towards light accompaniment as I have an excellent touring drummer who is a friend from growing up...my cousin is a berklee grad bassist and my old guitarist is a monster who plays excellent lead as well as banjo and lap steel. More time in the studio jut equals.....more money!!!!


Hopefully I'll get it all done mid next year and my plan then is to start playng out again. In the meantime my wife. Is due in the next 7 days with our third.....so I will have my hands full!!


Thanks for the kind words though Gillian!

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