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Gibson Les Paul '74 (Reissue 55) missing by USPS !!!!!!


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A few months back (May 2011) , i bought a gibson '74 les paul (RI of a 55) from a store in Boston (Boston Guitar :http://www.bostonguitar.com/).

I'm living in Europe (Belgium).


This guitar is now missing by USPS for a long time.

Nobody can say me where my guitar is at this moment.

the store did contact USPS and they say that the item left the


states but they don't say to where or how ???

So , for the store , the case is closed, but not for me offcourse :-(


This is my tracking info:


Your item was processed through our FOREIGN CENTERJERSEY CITY

NJ 099 facility on May 31, 2011 at 9:48 am. The item is currently

in transit to the destination.


Also important, this was a guitar of 1700 dollar but i declared it only for 200 dollar to avoid high taxes. but that means that i'm insured for only 200 dollar, right ? That's a ***** :-(


I bought the guitar with my savings money (i saved almost 2 years)

and now it's gone, i'm very sad.

Can anyone give me some tips or something , what can i do ?


gr Hans

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yeah I agree


someone has probably intercepted the guitar.


The store shouldn't close the case as you have not received your guitar that you have paid for although their arguement is that they cannot track the guitar once it has left the USA


Not sure how it works in Belgium but in the UK assuming you used your credit card to purchase the guitar, your bank should be able to refund the money onto your card. It doesnt solve the issue of this being a very very nice guitar with limited availability.


Personally I would contact the police then the bank then the shop.


ouch with regards to the $200 insurance


I hope you get some answers

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Don't give it up yet, the shipping sometimes f... up. I ordered some guitar parts a little while ago, time went and nothin' came . I then sent a e-mil to the store and contacted UPS (the shipping firm), nobody could tell me nothin', so i forgot about it(nothing very expensive). But one beautiful day my gear suddenly came. Let's hope that's the case with you to.

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I am just curious. When it was shipped, the store buys the insurance for you using the total sale price...don't they? Your declard price is what you tell your contry's customs to be used for import tax. Are you saying that you only bought $200 worth of insurance since you are declaring $200? [confused]




If you used your Credit Card...you should be able to get a refund. Your card might also have buyers' insurance. [thumbup]

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Guest farnsbarns

You're probably under investigation for tax fraud. [lol]


Did you arrange your own shipping or did you pay the store to ship it. If it's the latter the store are responsible. If the former, they're not.


It may very well be caught up at customs, if so I hope you can afford the full amount of duty.

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I'm not sure how fast Belgian customs work but it may well be that the case is still worked on. They're not stupid and they know that this guitar is worth more than $200. Could be the reason for them taking their time. They're probably having a jam session at Bruxelles custom office every day since.


By the way, this is a stupid thing to do. The shop risks having their export license detracted, which means no international sales anymore. And you risk quite a fine on top of the full import taxes on the real price. Sounds like gambling to me. I would never gamble for a guitar I really want. Wait until you can afford it, it can still be a good deal for us Europeans, taxes and all.


Still I wish you luck.

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