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I told my wife that I signed up her sister wives and if she wanted to get with the program, she'd go.








Never knew that cot in the garage was so scratchy.


As you get older you'll want to get a real nice pad for the cot.... just saying!

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20 years under my belt. she's a fiesty redhead (what i wanted from the start). it's that mean-streak that keeps the marrage on track and fresh. best woman in the world. no joke.


Amen brother!

I got one of those myself, haven't been married quite a year yet.

And Um no... I like my wife the way she is, that why I married her.

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as I read this, Mrs. Bender is out shopping & lunching (maybe a matinee movie too) with her best GF (who's also one of MY best friends).

they try to do this every weekend, and it's a good thing....no amount of time spent w/your s/o can replace "friend time".

my (non workmate) guy friends are all literally "dead or in prison" or turned out so bad that I don't want to be around them.

my best friends now (besides Mrs.B)are either women, our dogs, or my guitars/amps.

i'm always invited to go with the girls, but hitting "Bed Bath & Beyond" before seeing the newest Harry Potter film just isn't my cup of tea.


obedient & demure she definately AIN'T, her hair is dark auburn, her maiden name is very Irish (Mc'Xxxxx)as is her temper.

we argue, we yell, we curse, we sometimes throw things at each other.....what we DON'T do though, is keep things bottled up inside until it poisons our marraige...we get our problems off our chests as soon as they occur, then 10 minutes later it's all good again.


we have 25+ years together, and will most likely be together "until death do us part", we've watched ALL our "friend couples" end up splitting up, usually over B.S., some have been married several times in the time we've been together.

no relationship is perfect, but we BOTH realize we could have it soooo much worse.


neither of us has jealousy issues (the BIGGEST marraige killer) and we're good to each other, so we go by "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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