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L.L. Bagss or Prefix+ T


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I am in a decision to buy a Songwriter Deluxe EC studio / standard ??? I doesn't realy know the difference. I understane that the one wit the LRBaggs is more expensive? I just play in my house, i guess i d'ont need the most expensive one. Can someone help make a good choice?




By the way i am 44 years old play guitar on and off from 17 years old. I always play on kind of low end guitar like Aria, Seagull, Epiphone matsrebilt dr500m and 12 string FT-160. Now i'ts time to get a real one, the one that i always dream of.

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Firstly, welcome to the forum !


I have the SWD studio with the prefix pup and have to say im super happy with it, vert solid tone, the eq and tuner are great, except it doesn have midrange but 'contour' which is a bit weird,.


But to be honest the pickup should not so much influence your choice of guitar if you will mainly play it around home. The acoustic tone should always take priority. Hence i recommmend playing both and choosing the one that sounds and feel best to you.


If you are concerned about the prefix then dont be, its a great pickup in its own right.


Good luck !

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