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Les Paul Limited Edition Blackback Has Arrived!!


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Sorry for so many pictures, I just couldn't stop myself! OHHH, this is one sweet ax! I only have 2 complaints. At one small area of the trim along the horn, a black line is less than perfect, if you're really looking for an imperfection. Other than that, I've seen Gibsons with more imperfections (I'm serious about that!). The frets are nice and smooth at the edges and she was ready to play right out of the box!! Nice action, good intonation and she was even in tune (mostly). My other complaint is that, after playing her for a short bit my fingers were turning black from the oxidation on the strings (that one is a joke!). Her neck is not as flat as my '98 sheraton, a bit rounder in back, but not the baseball bat that some Les Pauls I've picked up have. I have small hands so that's a good thing for me. The neck is fast and sooo easy to play, and yes, the fret board is rosewood not ebony. Sorry, I have no way to give a sound bite, but she can crunch! I mostly play blues type stuff and classic rock through a Fender Blues Jr. with the 12" Jensen speaker and use a Boss Blues Driver for crunch. In my own humble opinion......nice combination (although I wouldn't mind hooking her up to a nice Marshall!) The Grover tuning pegs are 16:1 so you can easily make very small adjustments when tuning. I'll change the strings later today but with the new locking stopbar and tailpiece that should be a breeze. I always have to remember to hold on to those things when I change strings on my sheri. I weighed both this baby and my sheri. Sheri = 8.2 lbs., Les Paul = 8.5 lbs. That's a 5 ounce difference! I always thought Les Pauls were supposed to be so heavy but I guess I'm already used to it!! So I got this honey of a guitar, a locking hardshell case with an instrument cable inside, delivered to my door in 4 days for $585 US. Well, now I'm off to buy a fitting strap for her! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

post-17092-001343500 1312550714_thumb.jpg

post-17092-047327100 1312550723_thumb.jpg

post-17092-055119500 1312550754_thumb.jpg

post-17092-076549600 1312550766_thumb.jpg

post-17092-062318000 1312550773_thumb.jpg

post-17092-001350100 1312550783_thumb.jpg

post-17092-084387000 1312550793_thumb.jpg

post-17092-077558400 1312550808_thumb.jpg

post-17092-063918200 1312550819_thumb.jpg

post-17092-091290600 1312550829_thumb.jpg

post-17092-098556000 1312550841_thumb.jpg

post-17092-007403400 1312550853_thumb.jpg

post-17092-082715000 1312550867_thumb.jpg

post-17092-014861100 1312550889_thumb.jpg

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