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Question for y'all -


So whats the story on strings. New to the game here, my epiphone EF-500MNS came with the Gibson Masterbuilt Lights on it .12 - .53. Just recently broke the high e string... went to replace strings, was told to get a set of CF Martin SP Phos/bronze lights... (told they were bright sounding)... and the low e string is a .54. Is this bad for the guitar neck? Do i need to worry about small difference? will it hurt the guitar?


Can anyone recommend a great bright string?


Thanks so much.



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Means virtually nothing, won't affect the neck. Different makers have some of these minor variances, that's all. Any set of good-quality phosphor bronze strings will do fine, IMO, although some folks swear by specific sets. My personal favorite is DR Sunbeam, which seem to last longer than others I've played.


As for brightness, keep in mind that the high E and B strings are plain steel, pretty much the same as any set. 80/20 brass strings tend to be a tad brighter than phosphor bronze. Try a set and see what YOU think.

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