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When God Gives You Lemons


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Don't get me wrong, I might have tried them as a child, but shunned them because of the dirt smell while my mother was cooking them.

When I came in from weeding the front lawn today my daughter told me, "Dad, the house smells like dirt."

"That's the beets roasting in the oven," I said.

I'll definitely eat them this time.

If I'm going to take the time to pickle a few quarts of beets, you can bet, I'm going to eat them.

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About ten years ago I was at work at went to the can to take a wizz....I look down and notice my pee is red...I start to momentarily freak thinking I'm peeing blood [scared] and then realize that I ate beets and then drank the juice earlier....Duh! [biggrin]

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Today my neighbor gave me a bushel full of beats.

This afternoon I'm making pickled beets.

Can't remember ever eating pickled beets before, but my wife and relatives like 'em.

So there you go.

Pickled beets.


I enjoy eating them too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Would you send me a quart?

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