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Gibson 12 String Mandolin Info?


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I have this photo of Barney Kessel playing what looks to be a 12 string mandolin which was published in the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds Sessions" box set:




Definitely a Gibson, definitely a mandolin body, but with that 12 string neck. Does anyone know anything about this model Gibson, or even this specific instrument as part of Barney Kessel's session guitars in the 60's? Was this a standard production model from Gibson, or a custom order for Barney? I'm guessing it was set up similar to a Vox Mandoguitar, with 12 strings in pairs but doubled like a mandolin rather than with octave strings on a standard 12 string, but I really can't tell from the photo. It also appears to be acoustic since no pickups or controls are seen on the body.


I'm hoping someone can help with more info on this instrument. Thank you in advance!

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