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JenCiv! Where's your new guitar at???

Ian Martin

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Hi Ian!


Sorry I fell off the face of the earth there for a bit! I'd love to say I've been huddled away for weeks with my new Axe in my hands 24/7 but alas that is not the case...


But first - The new, sparkle finish SG is GORGEOUS. I got her two days after I hit the "Buy it now!" button and it was almost an out of body experience when I opened up her red velour case and saw the shimmer and glimmer up front. The pictures do not do her justice!!


Here it is (nicknamed Ziggy "Stardust")L










I was kind of bummed that they didn't put on Gibson chrome tuners, but I can always get those later.


She sounds real sweet and the finish is outstanding.


I've only played her about three times though...seems to me the last conversation I had with you I was mentioning selling off Blue Meanie to pay for the new SG. You said something to the tee of "Doesn't your husband know these are your babies????" Well, I swear you must've sent some baby juju my way since the SAME day I got the SG I also found out I was expecting! How's that for karma!!?? LOL Either way I've been a little "under the weather" to play with Ziggy much. As soon as I feel better (keep things down) I will certainly be playing more guitar eusa_pray.gif

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Eeek! Sorry to hear about the morning sickness!


But SUPER congratulations are in order for both your new babies! :-)


The finish looks great in the photos, but I'm sure it looks incredible in real life. It will look KILLER on stage. But I'm sure you're not gonna be doing too much more rocking except in the belly.


How is the neck profile? Is it similar to the Standard or is it slimmer? Any biters on your 'old' SGs?

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