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R9 weight...Tim


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I had my both of my Lesters weighed today. Wifey has connections at UPS and I brought them in after dinner tonight. Its Sunday so there were only a few people there and no bosses.

The scale was of professional grade, and these are the results.


My R9 weighed in at 9Lbs 1oz


My Custom tipped the scales at a whopping 10lbs 9oz's


As im getting older lighter is better!

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No kidding, that Custom's gonna be a back breaker over time! 10lbs 9oz...WOW!

If you ever want to sell that Custom let me know...I need a Black Beauty.

I offered you $500 for your Standard, I'll go as high as $850 for the Custom...:P


From what I've read, 9 lbs for a new R9 is the average weight.

You've had the R9 for a bit now, how it is? Everything you could hope for?

Definitely looks incredible! If that were my R9, I'da posted 86 pictures of it by now. :P

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Im over the moon about my R9. Its everything I thought it would be and more.

Im not sure what his name was, but some guy at the Les Paul forum said its not just the way it

sounds or plays, its the way it feels to hold. The mojo, voodoo, vibe etc.


I know there will be purists out there who will not agree with me and im cool with that.

But, the 59 Les Paul set the blues/rock world on its ***, and those of us blessed enough to own an

R9 are holding in our hands a distant cousin of the same bloodline.

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Good idea to weigh the babies: my R9 (2005) is 8,6 lb/3.9 kg, my Standard (2001) 9.48 lb/4.3 kg and my '88 Standard even 10.14 lb/4.6 kg on my electronic scale.

Still having trouble getting pics in here. So if you want to see those babies go to:




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