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EDS-1275 in Pelham Blue


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  • 3 years later...

Sorry for the necro, but I just got a call from my local dealer about an EDS-1275 in Pelham Blue. I ordered a Heritage Cherry one from them, but they just wanted to inform me about this opportunity. It's rare to see a double-neck in this finish. Still, I think I like the HC finish better, because you it allows you to see the wood grain. The obvious pro of a Pelham Blue one, is there are no comparisons to a big artist like Jimmy Page(Cherry), Alex Lifeson(White), or even Slash(Ebony). Damn, help me decide...



EDIT: I have made a decision...to be continued ;)

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Well, it'll be good to hear what you decided either way.


Now they're selling a white one.






Thanks, mate. But I got this one:





I actually started a thread about this guitar in the Lounge Area, and I posted a picture in the Custom Collection section, as well. My EDS-1275 is a Pelham Blue one. Looks great, plays and sounds fantastic. I'm very happy with this addition to my collection.

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