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Am I being special............probably..........


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Hello one and all,


After some help really. I have an Epiphone Les Paul EX Prophecy built in 2010 and a useless side fact but it is number 1000 (i was impressed lol) anyhow and bare in mind im fair from ever being an expert I thought all Epi's were made in China now?? It was probably one of those loser things I noticed when cleaning it but the sticker on the back of the headstock said made in Korea and I have checked the serial and its factory 21 which is Korea....... and then I started shitting myself Im buying fakes from an authorised dealer!!!



Pretty please clear up my confusion :) Its probably where I have been an internet warrior and read stuff wrong lol






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Epi never stopped producing guitars in Korea


21 = Unsung plant, the 2 I have from there are fine


Actually most Epis are made at their two own factories in QingDao

most of the entry level models are made in Indonesia, like my Nighthawk

some are still made in Korea

the Elitist Casinos are made in Japan

and a few expensive models are US (Gibson) made



Ahhh cool thank you :) :)


Just seems bizzare to make a cost saving of opening a plant somewhere cheaper then keeping the old one open.... surely move production to cut costs down or unless there output has rocketed lol


But thank you for the reply much appreciated :) :)

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