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Is a Les Paul Classic a R6?


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R-# usually refers to a Custom Shop Historic Reissue, different factory, different materials than the production guitars from the main factory that is now called "Gibson USA." My understanding is that Classics like the Classic Custom are a Gibson USA line, not made in the Nashville Custom Shop, but they seem to be desirable from the features that set them apart from regular Standards.


Does it say "historic" on the pickguard logo? "Custom" on the case logo?


Is the serial number arranged with 0 then a space before the other numbers? Does it have an older style ABR-1 bridge (it says ABR-1 on the bottom, the wheels spin but the studs don't, and the studs are threaded directly into the wood rather than into a metal insert, there's a thin wire holding the saddles, and the bridge was installed with the screws facing the neck)? Or does it have a Nashville bridge (integral wheels and studs that spin together, metal insert in the top, no wire, screws face the tailpiece, wider compensation adjustment range on the saddles)? Does it have Burstbucker 1,2 pickups or '57 Classics (should be a paper sticker on the back of the pickup)? Does it have a washed out faded color to the back and neck or is it the reddish brown you expect from a Gibson (trick question, i don't like the color of the Historics)? Does it weigh a ton and a half or just a ton? Does it have a purple/burgundy plush case or is it white furry stuff? Did it cost between two and three times what a Standard would run? Is the hardware pre-dulled with simulated drool on the nickel or is it shiny? Are the tuner bushings press-fit or do they have bolts holding them on? Does it have simulated bumblebee capacitors (cylindrical) or ceramic (thin disks) capacitors? Does it have witch-hat knobs with dial pointers (blood-testers) or speed knobs? Is the trussrod cover blank or does it say "Classic"?


Better idea, post a pic or send an email to customer service with your serial number and they'll confirm it for you. Otherwise this is just a list off the top of my head of the differences between Custom Shop Historics and guitars they make for the rest of us.


OK just had a look at the pics on your October 5 thread - very very nice guitar. Appears to my eye to have the threaded inserts in the top for a Nashville bridge, which means its possible somebody flipped your bridge around without realizing it when changing strings. On a Nashville the screws face the tailpiece (I try to remember that the older ABR bridges have the screws facing up to the neck, which is more "North" like Kalamazoo Michigan where they were made, after they moved the factory to Nashville Tennessee I think of the Nashville bridge with the screws facing the tailpiece as facing "South"). Check and see that the notches in the saddles match up with the size of the strings, or else you'll need to flip it back around and check the intonation. Anyway if it's a Nashville bridge then it's not a Historic Reissue. It's "just" a fantastic beautiful guitar.

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