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'88 XM-2 On The Way!!

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I bought a white XL-2 in '03 and it's an amazing instrument indeed. Since then I have perved for an XM and for one reason or another there was always something else getting my attention. Well, on Thursday I pulled the trigger on a black one in what looks to be excellent condition, along with the original gig bag (which needs some work).


Right now it's in the wind and I should get it in time for this weekend's gigs! I am psyched! It's a treat just to own them - I can't wait to gig it. [thumbup]




Update - outstanding! Gigged it and it sounded great. There are a couple of slightly high frets near the neck heel that will be easily corrected. With new strings and a setup it really rocks. I am looking forward to enjoying this bass for some time. B)

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I've decided to install a pre in here so I just ordered the EMG BQC system. My XL2 is passive VVT so I thought I'd have some variety.

Since the previous owner had already installed a boost switch I won't need to drill a new hole, otherwise I'd have gove with a stacked Volume vs seperate Volume Blend. Should have it together in about 3 weeks with road test to follow. I hear a lot of good things about this pre.

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