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There are bridges and then there are bridges.


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If you got it cheaply enough, it might make a decent player once you fixed the neck, got rid of those pickguards, and replaced the bridge. Depending on the nature of the headstock break and the potential need for a neck re-set and a partial refinish, you could easily be into it for the same amount of money as a good modern J-45 by the time you finished, but who knows? Do you feel lucky?


Despite my innate desire to rescue abandoned and injured orphans of the guitar variety, I'm tired of looking at guitars that need a lot of money put into them, which I'll never get back. I don't buy guitars to make money, but I'd just as soon not lose my shirt if I decide to part ways with them in a couple of years. Decent repair work isn't cheap, and for good reason.


If I had the time (and skills) to do it myself, that would be a different story.

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