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Your Favorite $499 Epi?

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Sinner, I'd love to know how you like that Firebird when you get it home. I keep waffling on pulling the trigger on one. Never held one in my hands, so I'm not sure if I'll like it or not.


Well Playability on this one is awesome, and I love Epi neck to begin with. Once they are set up, they rock.

As that it is modded I have no control to compare it to tonally, but with past experience being that Epi stock innards are crap, I am sure it is a overall improvment.

It did how ever make a 100w super lead stand up and take notice, so I am stoked to really light it up through my half stack.

(78 Fender bassman 135+Avatar "Blues Breaker" 4x10 with Celestion 30w Ceramic mags and a Way Huge Fat Sandwich.)

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[quote name='rdsmith3' timestamp='1313690442' post='98870

dalep - are those your kids? Nice family. My kids would not be able to resist holding the guitar.


Yes, those are part of the herd. The little one is learning play. They both have their own though.

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I've heard so many great things about the Epi LP Traditional PRO.


I want one in Wine Red.


That would be my favorite.




I do love those Red Wine versions. I had my eye on one of those for a good long while but ended up with a "clown-burst" instead. I've since had it set up by a local luthier and couldn't be happier! Oh, and I got it on sale for $429. Bazinga!

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When I play my $500 Trad Pro through my JCM 800 2204 stack it sounds like a million bucks.I had it plugged into my Blues Jr. for the longest time and it just sang the blues and jaz chords.I currently have it plugged into a 1981 Traynor TS-15 solid state and it really can blow you away through that little amp even though it only has 2 -8s and 15W.The Epi Trad Pro sounds so good I can see no point on spending over $3,000 on the Gibson version as it couldn't be that much better than this guitar to warrant spending that kind of money on it.

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