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i need help with my ES-335


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Hi everyone,


i own a sunburst gibson es-335, and just got back from a trip that lasted two and a half weeks. i got this tip from the guitar shop in which i bought my guitar, that said that when you are going to play the guitar after more than two weeks that it rested unplayed, than you should tune all the strings 2 whole tones down before playing.


can someone tell me if it's true, and do you have any other advices for me before i strat playing my axe again?


the guitar remaind in the case at home this whole time, untouched.





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Can't say I've heard of this either. In my experience, the balance between string tension and the truss rod takes a while to settle down after any large change in tension. If the instrument is mechanically sound, I think it's best to keep it at correct pitch at all times.

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