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Digitech Jam Man is the bomb!


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O.k. so I like bought a used Jam Man Solo looper for $90 and it's just great--the sound reproduction is fabulous (44.1khz) and I've recorded some really cool stuff. I get done and play it over and over again and marvel at how stinking great I am (insert tongue in cheek). "God, that sounds sooooo good", I say and then I proceed to inadvertantly DELETE THE DARN LOOP!!!!! I've done that, drum roll please....OVER AND OVER AGAIN (a looper pun if ever there was one).


I just recorded a really nice Hendrix type riff with 5 over dubbs and a lot of fx's....sounded like the man himself......pressed what I thought was the save button, "let's see, didn't the manual say to press it twice and leave it depressed for 2 seconds, yea, sure it did"..........................poof...it's gone.....another masterpiece de-digitized and reduced to nothingness.


I always thought I'd make a great soundboard engineer or producer but now....well, er, umm..."Hey, John, Paul, George and Ringo, ya know that little number, what was it...ummm, oh ya, "A Day In The Life" that we spent the last month working on? Umm, I uh, er........think I pressed the wrong button and it, well, you know....[cursing]


Changing my moniker to "music UN maker99"

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