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Song for Anne S and GGirl


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Thanks Retro! Man she has a great voice! I really prefer lower female voices too. I also love her confidence. And that is a catchy song. I had to get up in the middle of the video to get something for the cat (treats, you can tell who wears the pants in this household) and I was humming the song when I was in the kitchen!


I could definitely hear Anne doing this. I don't have the vocal range for it [crying]

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First heard this song on Sunday 'sunrise radio'. Really dug it. Found this youtube video and thought about the two female forum members (anne s and gilliangirl). Thought you might enjoy.... [biggrin]


Fun, Retro--thanks!!


I'm having trouble with buffering at the moment, so it's coming in snippets. I like what I hear, though--gonna come back to it and listen all the way through. It has a pretty awesome hook, for sure... (I could see it-- :rolleyes: )

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+1 and what about this wild cat?





BluesKing777 saw Rory Block on the same bill as John Hammond Jr many years ago and has never recovered!

Wow, wow and wow!!!!





P.S. Have a dvd lesson with Rory Block (Delta Blues Techniques or something) where she tries to get us to hit our guitars like she does - nearly fell for it until I read about one of her gigs where she had to borrow another guitar while hers was sent for emergency repairs with a broken top. I know it is a common technique...I am not brave enough to hit my J45 like that!

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