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Long time, anyone remember?

Josh James

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I use to post here a lot and ask tons of questions and such and miss the "Gibson" comradery! Hope someone here remembers me, if not then pleased to meet you!



Been doing some recording and fine tuning my rig for a ton of shows later this year. Love to talk to any of you about things concerning gear or whatever...







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Thanks and it is great to be back! Just been working a ton on my technique and becoming a better and more well-rounded player. It was important for me to have good gear , but without the chops you are just another "lawyer bluesman" as my friend says. I really feel at home with Gibson products, they feel and play like you expect from made in usa gear. A lot of people around my area play mim fender strats with the biggest tube amp they can find and I tried that and it was not my sound. I truly appreciate the kinship and advice from this forum and missed basically talking gear! BTW, I played a full band show outside of BOK center in Tulsa and my standard fell off the stand and it cracked two of the knobs and the nut! Anyhow, I lost money on that show, but have learned outdoor gigs get the junior, I can afford to replace that more than I can the other. As far as pics go, my standard is my avatar and I will get some good pics of the junior tonight!







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