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Hey Guys;


I'm in the process of getting both the GT Pro Deluxe and Standard and use as my main guitars. I love the fact the the Steinbergers can adapt to ANY playing style and sound excellent. Well I was in Guitar Center this weekend and met another guitarist who had a PRS with D'Addario Chrome Flatwound 12 gauge strings. Normally I play 9's & 10's on my Parker and Ibanez but his 12's felt really, really nice and sounded awesome.


I was wondering has anyone put that gauge of strings (double ball or single) on their GT-Pro and how did it work out.



thx... Macman

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You would need a stiffer spring and the R trem would be under a lot of extra pressure .The R Trem dies with just a set of 9s so this would seriously shorten it's life span .


Oh wow.... thank you very much for that. Well a set of 9's it is then.



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You can get a string adapter the goes on the end of the headstock so you can use ANY strings you want.

I have to get one of those with my new Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe.



Mine came with it. I had to tighten the spring pretty tight, but I was able to sucessfully install a set of 11's on my Pro model. Its awesome. My main guitar now!

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I play Death Metal Detuned to Bb, www.headtrauma.us

I just replaced all my expensive bulky Jackson guitars with Steinbergers.

I use a set of D/Addario 13-56 set, with a string adapter from www.guitarsend.com $40 US

I dont use a trem, so mine stays locked all the time. I have no problem at all,

but i am tuning down 5 frets on each string, so there is less tension.

My 13s feel like your 10s just a whole lot lower.

My Tuning is Bb Eb Ab Db F Bb


You can also get your spirit converted to a hardtail. I am looking into this as i dont use trem bars at all.

My two Steinberger spirit GT PRo Deluxs have very expensive pickups from "Lundgren" and "Bare Knuckles UK"

These guitars are all i play now. Comfortable, portable, reliable, damn cool looking, and sound amazing with

the Top of the line Pickups.

Get a string adapter, and leave your trem locked, you won't have a problem using higher guage strings.



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Oh one other thing. I only use the Bridge Pickukp on any guitar, so i had the switch and front knob removed, so i have the back knob has volume on/off for the bridge pickup . the other two pickups neck/center are not connected. THis prevents me from smacking my hand into that front knob.

Also wiring this way with only one humbucker gives you the full tone it is capable of, without tapping off any power to the other pickups.

Dont you smack your hand on that front knob when u strum? i did until i got rid of it.

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