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Can you please tell us what is wrong with it? Maybe we can replace it for a new one if yours is faulty.


You can reach us at service@gibson.com or at service.europe@gibson.com


Kind regards,




Ok, my experience. Lots of static no matter what combination of cable or input I used.

Extremely vague Pot control. The volume was either inaudible or blasting.

EQ worthless- Tone very abrasive.

Tuner is a joke.

Why would you change from the Baggs Element that originally came in the Masterbilt series?

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Ditto,thanks for clearing that up for all of us. Listen Epiphone/Gibson, the Epiphone Masterbilt series guitars are first rate, top quality guitars. You cannot beat the playability and quality, especially at that price point, but please ditch the Shadow electronics you guys put in them. I recently had to let my DR500MCE go the other day because of the Shadow. I use a Masterbilt AJ500R and a AJ500M now, bought without electronics. I put a Baggs Element system in both, could not be happier.Ditch the Shadow, nothing but problems. Thanks.

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