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So ... I finally have an entire day off to myself ... time for some New Guitar Pics!


I'd written and posted a few pics of this one when it came in a couple of weeks ago. At the time I had placed a 50th Anniversary Version 2 on law-away until I had the rest of the money to bring it home. Well, this Trad Pro just kept calling out to me with her good looks and great tone and playability. I decided that the Ver 2 was just so similar to my Gibson as to seem a bit redundant (good news for anyone thinking about buying that guitar). The fact that I also saved a couple of hundred bucks didn't hurt either!


So here are some pics:




This one shows off the nice grainy finish on the satin back:




She is a looker:




Rather than do it all over again, here is the review I wrote on guitarcenter.com:


I was first attracted to this guitar by the beautiful Korina finish and the fact that these Epi Traditionals sport most of the same features as the Gibson. Korina wood is actually a species of African Limba … a wood that has many of the same tonal characteristics of mahogany, but is much lighter in color and is also somewhat lighter in weight. I’ve always loved Gibson’s use of the wood in guitars such as the ’58 Flying V and Explorer and this Les Paul is a real eye-catcher.


As they say, however, looks aren’t everything … especially in a musical instrument. After playing this guitar, I am here to tell you that these Epi Traditional Pros hold their own against the Gibson version at one quarter of the price! Say what you will about collectability, resale value and bragging rights … if you are looking to purchase a guitar to MAKE MUSIC, you simply can’t go wrong with this guitar!


Some details: The neck features a hefty D profile. Not a “baseball bat”, but good and chunky. It fills the hand nicely and actually aids in note bending since the neck will actually help you apply some pressure you normally have to rely on your fingers/thumb to accomplish. Those of you that have gotten used to slim “shredder necks” should really check these larger profiles out. They’ll take a little getting used to, but these 50’s and 60’s rockers really knew what they were doing. I set the action down nice and low and there was not a buzz to be found anywhere on the fret board.


The electronics are wonderful … all pots and caps were well seated and silent as is the three-way switch. We’ll see how long it lasts and how soon a replacement will be required, but everything was great out of the box. Epiphone’s Alnico Classics deliver a nice, punchy PAF-like tone, and the addition of individual coil-splitting for each pickup makes for a very versatile palate of tones to draw from.


Fit and finish were flawless on the model I picked up. Not a hint of overspray of any sort of blemish to be found. I will say that the “satin” finish on the back of the guitar and neck is a bit rough compared to the Gibson, or for that matter other Epiphone models like the Ultra and Prophecy, but it’s way smoother that the Gibson “faded” models and nothing that won’t sort itself out after a few weeks of playing (or a quick buff with some fine grit sandpaper if you are the inpatient type).


So there you have it. These are simply outstanding guitars (and I’m not even going to add the “for the money” caveat). If this finish doesn’t do it for you, then take a look at the other finishes that are available in standard mahogany models. I am VERY happy with this guitar and extremely impressed with what Epiphone is accomplishing in creating quality musical instruments!


There it is!



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Congrats on the Trad Pro-she's a beauty.My Trad Pro is the wine.I know what you meaan about the large neck,I have smallish hands and although the neck is a tad on the substancial side,it's not uncomfortably so.Anyway the Trad Pro sounds remarkably like a PAF Les Paul and through a Fender tube amp it just sings especially the neck pickup-it's just great for jazz.I find the single coil setting more like a cross between a Jaguar and a Mustang moreso than Strat-like but that's a good thing too.

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That IS a NICE looking guitar, reminds me of my Classic in color.

Interesting comments about the NECK profile - Although I LOVE the

Slim neck on my Classic, I also really dig the fatter neck on my Studio -

Two totally different feels, but just as much fun to play.


Excellent review, Sir.


General Info: All reviews (at this point) are listed in Alpha-numeric order. As the

thread grows, I'll have to look at updating HOW the gits are listed, but for NOW,

all is good. And I DO believe they are useful. Jolly Good Show!

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I have to echo everything the OP says. This guitar is all that and more! When I brought my korina home I immediately made plans to sell off two other guitars that I know will not be played anymore! Here's mine:



Very nice little setup you have there GD.

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Thanks, Sinner! This is the one that's getting the most play time right now. I also have a couple of Agiles that I like a lot and a PRS SE Tremonti that's so beat up it's become my travel guitar. On the chopping block is a Washburn WI64 and a Strat. Amp-wise, the Epi really sings through my Fender Blues Jr, but it likes to get dirty with the Vox!!!

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WOW Jim She is Stunning!!!!Well i guess we know how I feel about Korina,now you've got me gassin,,,cant do it though till i finish payin off my last 2 Gibsons.Bet she plays as good as she looks huh,,I'm still drooling,,the satin finish back is KILLING me too ,,love a satin neck ever since my Prophecy now i have two more satins in those gibby60s tribs. Anyway,,,great grab Jim ,,Play her in good health. (lets see,,,you have that and the V,, Me thinks you need a Korina SG) Rock On!! Maniak

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