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Who used to build cases for Gibson back in the '90s?


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Well, that's too bad, Jeremy - I've always liked those tan cases - guess their quality control went into the dumpster along with so many other companies...

The odd thing is, I have three TKL cases, two of which are among the best cases I own. One is a Gibson Custom branded case for my Nashville Historic '59 ES 335 (very different case than the one that comes with the Memphis-built version of this guitar), and another is the case for my Tom Prisloe classical.


My third TKL case is a Lifton Cali Girl historic re-issue, which is a ridiculously expensive case that reproduces cases that really, in hindsight, weren't necessarily that good. None of these has a bad smell, and the two good ones are really, really good. Both are 2009 vintage.

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