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J-45 dimensions and cases


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This has been a much-discussed topic, but I am still looking for an answer. I would greatly appreciate it if one or more people with "modern" J-45s would supply the following actual dimensions for their guitars:


width across lower bout

width at narrowest point of waist

width across upper bout


The problem is simple. I am trying to treat my old J-45 to a new case, and believe it or not, it will not fit in the cases built for a new J-45. It will not fit either the new, black/blue standard J-45 case, nor the TKL-built 50's historic Lifton J-45 Cali Girl (Brown/pink)case. So far, I've spent a small fortune on cases that to all appearances are built for a slightly smaller-bodied guitar. And no, you can't even force the guitar into the case.


The only case I have bought that fit was a 60's-era Ess and Ess, which fit like a glove, but that case was damaged in shipping, so I reluctantly sent it back.


Are newer J-45s, like many other things, simply getting smaller?


Right now, I am using a Martin case I bought in the late 60's, but the guitar rattles around, and simply is not properly supported. My guitar deserves better.


I may end up ordering a custom Cedar Creek case, but at about $450, I'd like some input before going that route.


The problem primarily lies in the waist and lower bout. Designed J-45 dimensions are generally (but not always) given as:


lower bout 16"

waist 10 1/2"

upper bout 11 1/2"


My 1948 J-45 is:

Lower bout 16 1/4"

waist 10 7/8"

upper bout 11 5/8"


Yes, I know wood is inherently unstable across the grain, but this amount of variability cannot be from shrinking and swelling only, or all the braces would tear free, as wood is very dimensionally stable along the grain.


Real dimesions of recent guitars, please?

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