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LG 1 Hard Case


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I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas for how to go about finding a hard-shell case, to fit an LG 1.


I've never had to purchase a case before - after the fact, so to speak. Is it just a matter of getting some key measurements, and contacting one of the case manufacturers on-line? - Or do these things come up for sale on the forums from time to time? Middle of the road quality is OK.. I read somewhere that the LG 1 has basically the same dimensions as many classical guitars - I wonder if this might be an option, as well.. Any information is appreciated!



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I'm not familiar with the case mentioned, so I'm not commenting on that one. For these vintage lg's, you should use a very good quality case if you are using a hard case. For example, TKL makes a case that is a little too soft on the top and presses down on the bridge--that could cause bellying. They do however make a better and more expensive case that avoids that problem.

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