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Epiphone Standard Plain Top


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Oh, the post on the Grovers are short. Any advice on stringing this guitar. Not much room under the hole ...


Thanks !!!

Can you post a pic??? Posts on my LP Std seem of normal length, string it just like any other guitar with non locking tuners. I mean, how many wraps are you thinking of doing? Did you buy this through a legit source (i.e., is it a real Epi, or perchance an Epiphony?.....don't want to scare you, just wondering - the post should be plenty long enough to string wrap in a normal fashion...)

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Purchased from Sam Ash. It is real...It wad a sealed box with all the normal paperwork and extras.,,


I'm sure it's ok, but if you begin to have any doubts at all send a request to "Talk 2 Us" with the seriel number for them to varify.




I bought the same model as you two weeks ago, and I was wondering why it was discontinued. Even though they are discontinued, there are still alot of them out there for sale.

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