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For my 1000th post....Bless you for tolerating my rantings and ravings.. :blink:

I really consider the folks on this forum as extended friends...Some I know that I would like in 'real time' and others I would steer clear of.... But thats life!

Thought I would post a song by a favorite artist that I connect to....

One day, I hope to post my own song/video on the net. But that is a cyber/vanity thing for me....so may not happen soon.


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Nice piece.


Congrats on a thousand posts.


And BTW - tolerating your rantings and ravings is no problem . . . . . most of the time. . . . . . Gotch ya! B)




Great to have your contributions.

Thanks BigKahune!...That means alot from a 6000+ contributor... [wink]

I am a BIG John Hiatt freak!

Heres a 'nuther one...


On a nice sounding LG2 with Fender strap....gotta luv that... [sneaky]

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John Hiatt is real easy-to-listen-to for my ears. Really enjoy him. He's one of those "cool" folksy artists who should give lessons to the shredders. And #1000 is quite an anniversary. Glad you're here, and a Hiatt fan. [thumbup]


Yeap, that dude has a littl' Dylan vibe that is in deed very cool to listen [thumbup]

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