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Just got rid of my Epi Texan

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Just now said goodbye to my Epi Texan (inspired by......,..). The gal just picked it up. Not a thing wrong with Epis, especially this one. I just never played it much after I bought it. Used it at two gigs right after I got it. Put it into the mix of my other "go-to" guitars, but once the J45 arrived, the Texan sat there. Anyway, some "cool" looking folksy/country gal now has it, and I imagine the guitar will enjoy her touch.(there's just something about women who play guitars)..lol..........Have fun, nice lady. [thumbup]

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I have the same story. Bought the 'Inspired by' as a backup to my J45 to discover it was only sitting about not doing much. Nice guitar for the money but missed my previous Martin as a backup so sold the Epi to a young lad just starting out. It was amazing to see the look on his face when he picked it up! Here's hoping he becomes a world-beater.

Spent the money on a Martin DX (one of which I'd originally sold to fund the J45!)- Is this getting too complicated?


Anyway - all I can say is the J45 is addictive - I can't stop playing. I've had it from new and it's a year old. Imagine my amazement last week when I noticed the serial no and Made In USA stamps starting to appear on the headstock as the finish matures! I had asked questions when I first bought it through this forum. Happy days!

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Amen, Eminor....The Texans are pretty-damned nice guitars. It's just one of those guitar things where it ends-up sitting in a case because there are already too many throughbreds in the stable....lol....(sounds pretty cool, don't it?...lol)..Anyway, I think Epis (masterbilt or not) are way underestimated.

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