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I've heard of this guy, but never seen or heard him sing before. He's really very good. This is the kind of music I'm drawn to. Solo/duo/trio folk music. Very real. For me it beats hell out of 5-6 piece bands that make alot of noise while they back-up a singer who is too-often screaming the words because he can't naturally hit the high note. ....This kind of music is easy-to-listen-to......Thanks for posting this.

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That IS some Slaid...!!

Never seen him, but had to the opportunity to see Michael O'Connor(In the 2nd video, Breakfast in Hell), here, locally in a small venue. He has great talent as a guitar player. Even if he does play a Martin.... [flapper]


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Big Slaid Cleaves fan here (see screen name). I own a couple of Martins, but after buying my first Slaid CD I discovered the Gibson tone. Now most of my guitar time is spent strumming and singing Slaid Cleaves songs. I got the chance to see him live when he came through my area last June.


And the long haired feller has been known (forced maybe) to play a Gibson at least once...

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