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Hey Guys, I just picked up a mint 2000 Blues Hawk in Ebony. There are so many tone variations to play with!! Whats settings do you guys like the best and what kind of rigs are you playing your Blues Hawk through??




Wow...where are all the Blues Hawks owners?? I've played my Blues Hawk for a total of about 4 hours so far through 3 different amp rigs. The guitar was good sounding through my Ampeg VT-22 but seemed to lack punch. The guitar was very clean through my Fender Twin Reverb with bell like tones and crystal clear sounds. The guitar loved my little Mesa Boogie DC2. It had great drive and crunch on the dirty channel with tremendous sound variations using the varitone switch. The guitar blew me away with all the different sound I was able to achieve...from strat to tele to les paul and SG!!!! What a cool little ax!! I do need to lower the action and get the guitar set up a bit.

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