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Need help dating a guitar by serial number...?


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I have been playing for about 6 months, and volunteering for a local luthier who has sold me an SG from somewhere around the 70's.

I don't know much about SG's, but if you could help me find out by serial and by looks what make/year SG it is.

Much appreciated,



Serial #:



Pics attached

post-35336-096370400 1314135618_thumb.jpg

post-35336-070782500 1314135629_thumb.jpg

post-35336-020498400 1314135638_thumb.jpg

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http://guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx - handy for modern numbers.


Dated April 9th, 2004


Can't see the headstock, but if the Gibson logo is gold silkscreen decal, with the dot markers, probably a SG Special - http://everythingsg.com/index.php/special.html


You can send the serial number to service@gibson.com with a couple pics (2mb limit) and they can fill in the details.

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