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Question about current and stereo amps


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OK, I've got an amplifier I've borrowed from a friend, will probably end up buying it, it's the Behringer Ultratwin GX212, it's one of those stereo amplifiers, sounds GREAT coupled with my Digitech RP250 by itself. Now the "problem":

I've also got a Randall RA412XL100 cabinet that has variable ohm settings, i.e., 8 ohms in stereo, and 4 and 16 ohms in mono. I've obviously got it configured for stereo at 8 ohms, which is what the amps speakers are at. If I were to switch to either of the mono settings on the cabinet, would that overload the amp, damaging it? The speakers in the cabinet are Celestion Vintage 30's at 8 ohms. Do i just leave it in stereo mode, and leave well enough alone? Dumb question I know, but it's my first exposure to stereo amps, and I don't wanna wreck the thing before I even own it...anyone?398204258.jpg

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