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Yup...you may be able to do a little better.


Raise the bridge a bit-the action will get a little higher of corse. Then, adjust the rod a bit to take some of the bow out of the neck. This will lower the action a bit.


Do these in very SMALL amounts-you are fine tuning here.


A couple tips-there should ALWAYS be a little relief (bow) to the neck adjustment. The quickest way to see that is to fret the first fret an upper fret. even if you can not see any relief that way, you still should be able to pluck the string and get it to sound.

I took the guitar in to just make sure everything was ok, this guy at store always check my setups for free:) anyways he tightened the neck a tad and raised the low E and i was good. I did raise it some on sunday but didnt seem to do much, also raised the high E some too. It helped some but action was still not right for my liking. I can do my set-ups pretty much my self but I bought this used and the action was really pretty high and the intonation was off on the 2nd through the 6th string, I guess i lowered it too much even thought it measured the same height at the 12 fret. It makes sense that if I have buzzing on the 6th and 5th raise the bridge but it started at the 7th fret and had some at the 10th through the 12th fret.So if the guitar action doesnt feel right off the bat your set up off most likely, should feel more comfortable. I though it might be a les paul thing, well im learning more and more each time:)Marks the man at this store he's been doing guitars for 40+ years so by just looking at it and not measure anything he does a awesome set up by just eyeing it.

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