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Found this guitar/amp parts website.


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There is cheap labor. I think, it's necessary to be careful as regards complex their things. I bought recently their potentiometers with logarithmic characteristic for volume control and the seller warned me that now these Chinese potentiometers have not such as it should be, something an average between linear and logarithmic. And really when I measured that the characteristic was far from log though potentiometer was marked as B (i.e. log) :(

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You're better off buying a 'not working' tube amp off ebay and learning how to repair & read schematic. You'll end up with a cooler amp that you won't actually be ashamed of. There are listings where the seller says 'I dunno, the light comes on but it doesn't work' ...

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I would be very cautious about this site.


These are the sites where I buy my amp building supplies:


Antique Electronic Supply


Allied Electronics

Tube Depot

The Tube Store


I also use Watts Tube Audio (www.turretboards.com) but the web address is not working right now.


Those are the main ones I use.


Oh and don't forget kits - I have bought 2 kits from Ceriatone


All of the above can be trusted, provide excellent service, and are not greatly over priced.

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