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Just that. Here are the ones I have and use, and I am sure there are other good ones out there:


Mandolin Cafe Mandolin Lessons


Chordbook Guitar Chords


Chordbook Guitar Scales


SK Smith Music Dulcimer Chords


Justin Guitar Video Lessons


Free Guitar Videos


Guitar Set Up Guide


Dulcimer Lessons




Hope they help!





I figured instead of posting any links I come across in individual posts...... ;)



I don't recall who posted this one, but it was cool enough for me to go fish it out of my History.... so Thanks man!!!


Guitarist Bios


and THAT reminded me of this site... it's kind of dated, but it shows the various rigs that different guitartists use:





Here's a little tool to help you shred guys out.... if you don't already have one


Online Metronome


Something else y'all might find handy


Free sheet music online



Shamelessly filched from the acoustic forum (thanks Wiley!):


Transpose songs

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Can't believe nobody has posted this. It has some awesome looking guitar wallpapers!!!!! (at least I was told there were cool guitars on this site but I am still trying to locate them...)





I don't see anything but guitars there!



Thanks!!!! (and there are several I figured somebody would post...


Like Guitar Dater Project)

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