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A friend recently observed that the regular players at Wednesday's open mic night seemed to share the fellowship of survivors. I guess her comment has been percolating--between that and having another birthday come and go earlier in the week, mighta seen this one coming.


It's growing on me--please enjoy, if you have a few minutes...


Thanks!! [smile]



This One's For Me

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Thanks, everyone, for tuning in... :rolleyes:


Karen, I'm flattered! I am recording with a Samson USB condenser mic, just one track. With Audacity software, I do a light compression, then duplicate the track, add a touch of echo to a couple of them, then mixing until I get a combination that I can sort of live with. Totally winging that part of it, too--but it beats a tape recorder.


Headed out to join some friends at a gig--gonna play one or two, I'm told. [scared]

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Yeah, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. The sound of the guitar comes through nicely, too. I'm sure those interested in the recording process itself were trying to imagine the kind of room that would give a sound like this when recorded in.

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