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SGs for speed play and soloing


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I always remember an old guitar mag ad for an SG which claimed that the particular model in question sported the fastest neck in the world.


I like my fair share of hard rock, metal and thrash and I own a couple of '80s style superstrats with flat and/or compound radiused fretboards and big frets. Those design features are supposed to be the best for the aforementioned styles of music. However, I have to say that my SG faded blows them away for speed play, effortlessness, feel and forgiveness for fretting errors. This is even the case when its action is probably set the highest of all my guits too!


So, is it just coincidence or good fortune that my SG plays this well? If not, how come a guitar with a t-o-m bridge, a pitched neck and a flat 12" radius fingerboard can blow away the Superstrat fraternity?


What are your guys experiences with the playability of the SG neck vs. other guitar designs?

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I have a ibanez pgm301 model and an sg special. In terms of speed the ibanez wins from the sg. But my sg has a more gritty kinda sound, because of the fat neck. You can get all the strings in 'there' if you know what i mean. With my ibanez it's a bit harder. For a real agressive kinda tone i prefer my sg over my ibanez. For accurate speedy stuff i prefer my ibanez [thumbup]



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