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ES 335 Neck repair....should I buy?


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Hey Geoff

I'm really sorry to hear all this. I can see you went to a lot of trouble in getting this setup right. Do you live in London? Reason I ask is that I know two really good luthiers. I would get a second opinion on the neck. As for the top E string buzzing is the action really low? I would not personally recommend T Cut...try Virtuso cleaner and virtuoso polish, but make sure the nitro-cellulose is intact before you use the cleaner. Anyway, my point is that you need to find a good luthier to look at your guitar as opposed to any old luthier ( I don't mean to be dis-respectful to luthiers out there but just like anything in life there are good and bad ones. Robbie Gladwell in Suffolk came highly recommended to me by Gibson, if you want his details let me know. Bill Puplett is also another very well respected Luthier based in Middlesex. I can PM you with details if you wish.


Again, Im really sorry this has happened to you. I can imagine how gutted you must have been, but the positive side is that you love the guitar tone and you are doing something about it...you are getting it repaired. In a way there is some serious bonding going on between you and this guitar...and you know something...thats what playing the guitar is all about. It truly will be yours


Good luck Geoff




PS I did eventualy buy a 335...very similar to yours but without the broken headstock. It plays beautifully and I have no problems with it apart from a few black spots on the back which Im hoping will come off with virtuoso cleaner.

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Hi Johnny

Thanks for the info.

Glad you got what you wanted....And in better shape to!

I've found a luthier who can do the job and seen some of his work

on his web site.....But I'll have to save my pennies first.

The fret buzz does come from the neck problem, You can tell with the angle of the bridge setting...

But no worries, it'll all be sorted in time.The only other guitar I ever took an instant liking to

was a Aria Sandpiper; Sweet as anything.



By the way I've already used the T-Cut, hasn't done any harm and has suped the back of the neck up like

no one's business. It came out really friction free and like I said the guitar looks like new again.

But thanks for the tip on any future clean up operations....Much appreciated.







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Hey Jimmy


For a minute I thought I was famous but alas it was all to no avail. No, I don't post at DP review (what is it?).


Anyway pleased to meet you....I guess we can say we know each other now?






ps I downloaded the cat avatar from some free avatar site on the net.

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Hi Johnnie,

The end of the 335 saga is in sight.

Just been talking to the repair man and he reckons the neck isn't

warped after all, but the nut had been cut to low by whoever repaired

it earlier. That has now been addressed and he reckons the guitar is

is well worth what I paid and after the partial set up plays with no problem.


Don't you just Love a good ending!



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Now the cautionary bit.....Yestarday I took the now pristine looking guitar to my local guitar

shop to get it set up properly...only to be informed the neck has warped where the so called

professional neck repair was done.



Hey Geoff I'm so pleased to hear that everything has turned out well for you.


Why on earth did they say in the first instance that the neck was warped??? Bit like your Doctor saying your going to die, sorry I got it wrong.


Anyway, what a fantastic Xmas present.....hehe


All the best



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