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First post. There's an 80's Gibson SG for sale in my area.. but there's something kind of weird about it. The pickup selector is almost where the jack would normally be, and the jack is on the side of the body like a Les Paul. I've never seen another SG like this. I looked through dozens of pictures of Gibson SG's on Google today, and was only able to find one other guitar where the electronics were set up like this.

Here's some photos I found on Google.





Is this some rare model I'm looking at?


More info would be cool.



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Odd, but normal for a mid-80s SG. It's legit.


BTW, I've got a neutrik side jack SG from 2008, but the switch is in the traditional spot.


2008-SG side-sm.jpg



Also, has the neck on that mid-80s SG got a clearcoat on it? I looks pretty reflective in the pics -



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