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Live Double Bill


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Of course going to live shows is something we all enjoy but getting two great shows for the price of one is fantastic.

Here's some of the one I've seen.


Paul Simon/ Brian Wilson

Elton John/ Billy Joel

Chicago/ Earth, Wind & Fire

Police/ Elvis Costello

Journey/ Peter Frampton

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Although I didn't see it, one of the most interesting double bills would have been Hendrix opening for the Monkees. I guess someone figured the "kids" would like them together because they wore colorful clothes and of course would have the same appeal.

Back in the middle to late 60's there were a lot of interesting "double bills" of groups that would later become big time - like the Dead and Janis Joplin on the same bill. Mixing unusual groups together was done like the Jim Kweskin Jug Band and the Doors together. And often the "opening" act went on to much larger fame than the main attraction. Also at the time there were "festivals" that would have many groups sometimes over a couple of days kind of like Woodstock but smaller. I went to a few of these and they were mostly wonderful until Woodstock when everything just got too big and pretty much ruined the "festival" idea.

The last time I saw the Dead was in 1969 and the attraction was there was no opening act, the Dead were going to do the whole show with an intermission. We were impressed.

I went to one "Day on the Green" type stadium show in 1975 and the top bills were the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt. I don't rememer the two opening acts.

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