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I am a Gibson Man again!!!!


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A year or so ago, I sold my beloved white worn three pickup Gibson SG. I did it to fund a custom made telecaster that in all honestly i love dearly, however it is no GIBSON!

After a year of sparkly clear tones and smooth buzzing crunch i really missed having a deep heavy blues rock monster at it's side. I started by searching all the stores for an SG, but something had changed, it wasn't exactly the tone i wanted. Then i begin playing some Les Paul's, I have never owned one. I was pleasantly surprised with the tones and the feel... but none of them seemed set up out of the box, and many had freaky intonation issues. After playing about 40 Les Paul's I FINALLY found the perfect partner in crime! With the $100 off coupon, it's a SCREAMING DEAL! $750 plus tax. THE GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO '60s TRIBUTE (Black with cream pickups and knobs) Sorry about the grainy old school photo... but it almost fits the style of my new axe. I have been playing it with every free hour I have (with this exception of being on the net). It is so nice to have a Gibson again! The Tones I am getting out of this thing are just off the hook. From Black Keys Crunch to Page like warm clean tones, it plays and sounds like a dream. Almost perfectly set up from the store (& they agreed to a free set up as well).


Anyone else had one for a while? How do they hold up? Better with age? Any issues at all?


Les Paul's Rock!!!

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Ive played quite a few shows with my LP, Been to quite a few shows, and also have friends in bands who play Pauls. Ive seen countless schecters, Deans, and other crapy korean and japanese made guitars have issues on stage. With a good quality Gibson Les Paul? I haven't seen or heard of any major issues. I wouldn't worry about it, gibson only get better with age. Btw good choice with the p-90s and congratulations! =D>

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